Greater Washington Coalition for Jewish Life

Speaker Recordings

Recent Speaker Series presentations:

Lois Schein, Program Chair

GWCJL Speaker , Feb ’22: Marc Lapadula on  “CINEMA WITH A CAUSE” 

Marc Lapadula’s presents “The New Centurions,” “Gentleman’s Agreement,” “The Last Picture Show” and other memorable films from Jewish directors and artists that display the directors’ willingness to weave powerful social themes into compelling narratives. He highlights the contributions of these filmmakers that have brought to their work a profound awareness of racial discrimination, human degradation, religious intolerance and social exploitation, stirring the consciences of their film viewers to advocate for social change.

Mr. Lapadula, playwright and screenwriter, is an award-winning film producer and a Senior Lecturer at Yale University where, since 1992, he has taught screenwriting seminars. He has been a consultant for film producers and studios and many of his works for stage and screen have been produced in New York and around the world. Watch this fascinating study of how film uniquely captures and moves forward large and difficult social issues unlike no other medium.


GWCJL Speaker, Jan ’22: Prof. Robt. Watson on “Ranking the Presidents, who were our best and worst?”

Professor Robert Watson explores the creation of the presidency by the “Framers” and the enormous challenge of the presidential office. Every individual who has assumed the title has left a mark, for good or ill, on American history. Professor Watson offers an insider’s look and some intriguing and less-known stories behind the greatest (and failed) presidents. He explains how the rankings are determined and describes the skills that were required and frequently called upon.

A fascinating and enjoyable study of our nation’s leadership!


GWCJL Speaker Series: Oxford Prof. Roger Griffin and “LONGING TO BELONG,” Nov 2021.

Oxford Brookes Emeritus Professor Roger Griffin explores the deeper cultural forces driving the rise of populism, fascism, identity politics, xenophobic nationalism, and politicized terroristic forms of radical religion around the world.  He looks at the increasing secularization and globalization that surround us, and that have disenchanted life for many.  They have provoked not only a crisis of meaning and identity, but also a surge of “hate politics” directed against perceived enemies.  A timely, eloquent and thoughtful discussion — not to be missed!