Greater Washington Coalition for Jewish Life

COALITION CULTURE FILM Review and Discussion: “The Survivor”


August 27, 2022    
12:00 am

Rabbi James tells us that “life offers so many complex choices and this season of Elul (the month leading up to Rosh Hashanah) is an opportunity to explore how we make choices, how we live with our choices, and how we navigate the feelings that remain long after the decisions have faded. 

In this Coalition Culture discussion, we will discuss the movie “The Survivor,” the story of a Jewish boxer whose choice to fight during the Holocaust ensured his survival.  Once back in the United States, he is left with questions that can never be fully answered.

The movie is available on HBO Max. If you do not have access to this streaming service, please reach out to Rabbi James.  We will view clips from the film during our discussion, please feel free to join even if you have not had a chance to watch the entire movie. (Session time TBD)