Greater Washington Coalition for Jewish Life

GWCJL Passover/Second Night Seder


March 28, 2021    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

From Rabbi James:

Rabbi James is asking folks to do some interactive things, as well as prepare for Passover. The first is to make charoset to bring to the Seder. Next please bring along to your dining table — wine/grape juice, a kiddush cup, matzah and the Seder plate with the following ingredients:

Beitza – egg

Chazeret – a bitter green leaf

Charoset – apple mixture

Karpas – parsley

Maror – bitter herb

Zaro’a – a shank bone

To make the charoset, see member email with four different recipes from Rabbi James (or feel free to search online, use cookbooks for your own new recipe). Please make one and come to the Seder ready to share your experience and the “flavor” of your recipe.

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